Tiffany and Luke’s Wedding has to be one of my favourites to date! Their beautifully intimate wedding just ticked all the boxes. Love. SO MUCH LOVE. Laughter. Family. As soon as I arrived on their Wedding Day I was made to feel like part of the family instantly – it was so lovely to be welcomed with open arms – quite literally! And to be able to create such an EPIC firework wedding photo was so incredible!

Tiffany and Luke were the pinnacle example of true love; they radiated when they were around each other and in all honesty – they made me aspire to have a love like theirs! Their day began with preparations at the salon and barber shop before they nipped home to get into their attire before meeting each other at the end of aisle. Luke couldn’t take his eyes of Tiffany and it was the most beautiful thing to witness.

After their ceremony, Tiffany, Luke and their guests took a leisurely walk down The Thames to Trafalgar Tavern for their reception. We had SO much fun creating some incredible portraits for these guys and their photo’s were such an important part of their day that they set aside a huge chunk of time for us to go and explore a couple of different locations too!

Tiffany and Luke will forever be my aspiration for love – and I’m sure you will understand why as you look through just a small snippet of their images below.

boys walking down the road in greenwich to barber shop
groom having cut throat shave done at barber shop
bride laughing
bride having her hair and make up done
bride crying she sees her hair and make up for the first time
bride having her dress zipped up
bride smiling
father of the bride proudly walking his daughter out to her wedding transport
bride on steps looking down at her flowers
bride and father of the bride
father of the bride kissing bride on the cheek
wedding flowers purple
bride walking down the aisle with her dad
bride looking to her dad as he is about to give her away
bride and groom smiling at each other
groom looking at bride lovingly in the ceremony
groom kissing brides forehead as she smiles
bride and groom looking at each other as they walk smiling
bride and groom taking a moment to look over the Thames
bride laughing as she cuddles groom whilst they lean against railings
groom kissing bride on her forehead as they cuddle
bride and groom cuddling whilst looking in different directions
groom twirling bride around
bride laughing naturally as she brushes hair away from her face
groom smiling as he looks away from the camera
bride and groom on old fashioned carousel
wedding guest looking excited on old fashioned carousel
bride and groom on old fashioned carousel smiling looking backwards
bride and groom walking through confetti
wedding guest covered in confetti laughing
Fireworks with bride and groom. Firework wedding image at Royal Naval College London. Derbyshire Wedding Photographer