The Confetti Photo is one of my FAVOURITE images at Weddings! As a Derbyshire and Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I’m lucky to be able to capture this photo at so many lovely weddings – I always try to advise my couples of the best way to execute this EPIC photo!

What type of Confetti is Best?
This is a question I get asked by my couples quite often – and there isn’t necessarily a definitive answer. I always find that bright and bold colours work best – especially with real dried petals! Whichever Confetti you decide on – it’s important to have LOTS of it! There is no such thing as too much confetti!

bride and groom looking towards each other whilst throwing confetti - Derbyshire and Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Where to Buy Confetti?
My recommend suppliers for confetti are sure to provide you with an abundance of colour choice in high quality, bright confetti that will ensure your Confetti photo is one of your favourite images! There is so much choice!

I have personally bought the most gorgeous Confetti as a Derbyshire and Cheshire Wedding Photographer from Shropshire Petals and The Rose Petal Shop! The confetti was superb and certainly made for the most perfect Confetti photo!

TOP TIP: If your venue doesn’t allow Confetti – Bubbles are a super alternative! 

bride and groom laughing whilst having bubble confetti

Distributing Confetti Amongst Your Guests
There are various ways that you can ensure all of your guests have confetti at the ready!

1) Put a basket full of Confetti outside of your ceremony so guests can pick some up on their way out of your ceremony.
2) Ask your Best Men, Ushers or Bridesmaids to Distribute the Confetti to the Guests as Your Photographer co-ordinates your guests into place.
3) Finally, your Ushers could hand Confetti boxes to your guests as they enter the ceremony room – this ensures every guest has Confetti!

bride and groom laughing together at Peak Edge Hotel, Chesterfield. Derbyshire and Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Most of All – Have Fun!
The most important thing for me when capturing a confetti photo is that my couple have an AWESOME time! So smile, laugh, look at each other, look at your guests and maybe even a sneaky little kiss!

bride and groom kissing for confetti photo

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